Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sanibel Sings the Jimmy Buffet Song Book

Before my husband and I went to Sardinia, Italy on a home exchange, I read several books about the Island. One of those was DH Lawrence's non fictional account of he and his wife Frieda's nine day exploration of Sardinia.

Though often critical of what he found, Lawrence made the people and environment interesting enough that even his rudest comments only enticed me more to experience the place for myself.

When we finally did arrive on Sardinia, though our trip did not duplicate the Lawrence's precisely, I did recall descriptions from The Sea and Sardinia each place we arrived.

Similarly, when travelling around
Sanibel and the area, I think of Jimmy Buffet constantly. The only connection between Jimmy Buffet and the Sanibel area that I found documented was his time on Cabbage Key where he supposedly wrote Cheeseburger in Paradise.

But despite the lack of documentation, there are so many
spots on Sanibel and nearby where I can clearly envision the great songwriter strumming his guitar and composing.

Like, at dusk on Santiva watching the sun set and creating the Lyrics for "Margaritaville".

I can literally see the young Buffet at the helm of his ship sailing over San Carlos Bay and singing "Son of a Son of Sailor".

And a slightly more mature Jimmy, along with some friends, exploring the mangroves of Pine Island harmonizing to "A Pirate Looks at Forty".

There are no end of JB images an aging Parrothead can see on Sanibel for this prolific song writer. With
72 albums and hundreds of songs behind him, the great Buffet has created an incredible song book. And there is no better place to hear the songs than on Sweet Sanibel.

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