Monday, December 27, 2010

Dolphin Story and Sightings Make Sanibel/Useppa Cruise Unforgettable

Despite the atypically cool, windy weather today, we took off with visiting friends to cruise to Useppa from Sanibel Island.

Thankfully, it was sunny and the very shallow water did not make the crossing rough.

It's always fun to visit this tiny, verdant island, only an hour from Sanibel, and to take lunch at lovely hotel there.

But today was a special trip home.

As we had been told would happen, the cooler weather makes the dolphin population particularly lively. On the way back, we saw dozens of them, one pod of females and babies with a couple of especially large ladies.

The tour guide on the boat was as excited as we to see such a large group of dolphin traveling together. And she told us a story that really moved everyone on the boat.

Not long ago, a few men out gathering crab traps noticed that an especially small and young dolphin had been caught up in the crab trap nets. It could not get free and the momma dolphin was going under the baby and pushing it up so that it could get air. The fishermen knew that they had to free the baby or there would be dire consequences.

So they brought the little one on board and wanted to cut the net around it to set it free. But the little dolphin was so frightened and stressed that it would not stay still and the fishermen were afraid to set their knives to the net in the event they cut the baby dolphin. But then the mother edged up onto the ramp of the boat and began communicating to her child through a series of clicks and whistles. In no time at all, the baby dolphin stopped its thrashing and the net was cut.

They released it back into the water where momma was waiting.

Not far off were several other females, and the baby with mommy dolphin swam over to them, and off they went, the fishermen standing and staring in awe.

There was no doubt in their minds that the mother dolphin had "told" the baby to stay still, that she had sensed their good intention, and "knew" that they meant the baby no harm.

Those who work in and with the sea, who live on and know Sanibel and all the treasures that the Island holds, are delighted by such stories, in the seeing and in the telling.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sanibel: THE Place for a Baby Moon

Are you expecting?

Are you needing a break with your spouse before the new baby arrives?

Are you looking for a romantic getaway?
A tropical retreat?

A break from the cold and icy weather where you are?

Sanibel could be the magic bullet for all that ails you, offering near perfect destination for mom and dad to be.

This quiet, lush Island will provide the expecting couple an opportunity to connect and enjoy each other before the bouncing baby boy or baby girl enters their world. With 12 miles of walking and biking trails, 2/3 of the Island a nature preserve and beaches that are only gently used by other humans, Sanibel is a rare find in the continental USA.

Want to enjoy a candle lit dinner where you can whisper sweet nothings to one another? Several Sanibel restaurants will give you the white table cloth and beautifully presented meal you need to feel pampered. You might dine at The Thistle Lodge or The Mad Hatter, both Gulf view restaurants renowned for the creativity in their kitchens.

How about a massage geared for the pregnant mom? The Sanibel Day Spa has just the right therapy for you. Enjoy this therapeutic relaxing massage on the comfort of our specifically designed body cushioning system. (Mommy to be must be past the first trimester for this massage)

Want to bring home something that baby can keep for ever and be told stories of how mommy and daddy enjoyed themselves while expecting? The beaches of the Island never disappoint. There are miles and miles of beaches with beautiful shells for collecting. What more lovely and symbolic a souvenir of your trip than a sea shell from the Island that offers the best shelling in the continental USA.

And if your preferences for a baby moon include some gentle exercise, there are many ways to stretch your legs and limber up. Walk the beach, bike the trails, explore Ding Darling Nature Preserve by foot.

Best of all, Sanibel Island has many vacation rentals so that you can spend your baby moon in a condo, house or cottage where just the two of you can really find the quietude and privacy to enjoy talking and thinking about your joyful event.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best Christmas Gift? Condo E201 at Discount

It's been an odd time for vacation rentals all over Florida.

The confluence of 3 factors have greatly slowed down tourism to the Island of Sanibel.

Oil never hit Sanibel, but the perception it did had an impact on traffic to the Island.

The overall economy made people leery to spend money on leisure.

And, the tighter squeeze of financials led many owners who only utilized their vacation homes for personal use put them on the market for rental, creating not only a glut of vacation rentals but many places for rent under market value.

All of these were bad enough in the aggregate, but then the Christmas and New Year's holidays falling on Saturdays, the usual day for changeover on Sanibel, complicated matters even more. In general, folks like to be ensconced in their vacation accommodations the day of the holiday.

So it's been quite a challenge to get those two weeks booked at our condo, E201 in Blind Pass Condominiums.And thus far I've failed for the week of December 18 to December 25 considered Christmas week.

The usual $1740 rate is now reduced to $1540, and we will consider reasonable offers of even less. Taxes and fees will apply.

Christmas on Sanibel is magical. The green of the Island is ablaze with light, star light and moon light. Cheer is in the air. Shopping is easy and gay.

Consider it. Imagine it. Do it.