Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best Christmas Gift? Condo E201 at Discount

It's been an odd time for vacation rentals all over Florida.

The confluence of 3 factors have greatly slowed down tourism to the Island of Sanibel.

Oil never hit Sanibel, but the perception it did had an impact on traffic to the Island.

The overall economy made people leery to spend money on leisure.

And, the tighter squeeze of financials led many owners who only utilized their vacation homes for personal use put them on the market for rental, creating not only a glut of vacation rentals but many places for rent under market value.

All of these were bad enough in the aggregate, but then the Christmas and New Year's holidays falling on Saturdays, the usual day for changeover on Sanibel, complicated matters even more. In general, folks like to be ensconced in their vacation accommodations the day of the holiday.

So it's been quite a challenge to get those two weeks booked at our condo, E201 in Blind Pass Condominiums.And thus far I've failed for the week of December 18 to December 25 considered Christmas week.

The usual $1740 rate is now reduced to $1540, and we will consider reasonable offers of even less. Taxes and fees will apply.

Christmas on Sanibel is magical. The green of the Island is ablaze with light, star light and moon light. Cheer is in the air. Shopping is easy and gay.

Consider it. Imagine it. Do it.


Cindy Svec said...

I wish we could come! Sanibel is amazing anytime of the year, but at Christmas, it would truly be magical! Have a safe and happy holiday season...


Samba said...

Thanks, Cindy. Just let me know when you want to visit!