Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Through the Photographer's Eyes

It's been a while since I posted and and an even longer while since I posted about photography on Sanibel Island.

But my "discovery" of a new photographer on the Island motivated me to get back on blogger and jot some thoughts down.

Laitham Haddad, the creative talent behind the lens of TWO EYES, ONE IMAGE photography, has two distinct advantages over most people who love Sanibel. He lives there. And, he sees things a bit differently than the rest of us.

When I see his images, such as the one used here, I am always struck by how he is able to add drama to something that I might walk by with little notice. He does not add the drama with photo shop or any other "tricks", but just by shooting at exactly the right time. Right time of day, right time of year. I am engaged by his visions and often the vision is enhanced by a moody sky and contrast lighting.

TWO EYES, ONE IMAGE has a Facebook page which has catapulted to popularity virtually overnight. While many of the page's followers, like myself, are people who know and love Sanibel Island, many have never set foot on Island. They, also like myself, are just drawn to Laitham's creativity.

Now we have to admit that there are no end of photo opportunities on our beautiful tropical Island, but what Laitham does is to take what might be an ordinary scene and make it extraordinary with his ability to capture the moment when it is most magical.

I hope to feature other photos in the future, and hope you will visit Laitham's page and return to this one for some truly stunning scenes of the Island of Sanibel.