Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Than A Dozen Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day on Sanibel Island

How can you celebrate this lovely holiday on a tropical island? Romantic expression is all over so you barely need to try! Begin by taking a long walk along the beach barefoot at dawn.

Build a sand castle together at water's edge.

Return home and make a cup of herb tea sweetened with honey and whipped with some milk.

Have breakfast at Amy's cafe then rent a tandem bike to tour the Island. Stop at Wilford and Lee or Pandora's Box and buy some pretty Island charm for each other to take home.

Take a cooling dip in the pool then apply scented sunscreen to each other in a loving way. Dry off and read poetry to one another under a swaying palm.

Enjoy an afternoon nap with a bottle of champagne and some sweets from The Cheese Nook at bedside.

Enjoy a sunset cruise and the music of Danny Morgan. Return to land and have dinner at the Gulf front Thistle Lodge.

Rent a romantic movie from The Video Scene and take it back to your condo with you. But first drive out to Captiva to watch the moon over the water and have a nightcap at the water front Green Flash.

Watch your video in the dark with candles as your only light source.

Sanibel is the perfect place for Valentine's Day or any holiday!


Out and About said...

Hi Sanibel Island!

I like to read your posts as I am here on Sanibel as well. This is really a place where "so much to do, so little time to do it" is a true statement.

I liked your Valentine suggestions.

Out & About

Samba said...

Thanks out and about. Hope to bump into you some time.

Happy Valentine's Day!