Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Picture on Sanibel is Worth a Thousand Words

Vacationers on Sanibel Island are always scurrying around seeking the perfect gift to take home with them. They want something that will remind them of the Island, not too big, not too heavy, not too expensive and something that has both a distinct Sanibel "flavor" as well as unique character.

Some vacationers choose to take home a special sea shell that they scooped from the beach and others buy a lovely token from one of the gift shops.

But most don't consider one of the nicest and most enduring "souvenirs" that will mark their holiday with a special joy every time they look at it.

A family portrait on one of Sanibel's beaches offers all the basic requirements for a very unique "take home".

The island has several photographers who specialize in portraits, and while it will cost more than a free seashell from the beach or a modestly priced souvenir from a shop; the portrait is something you will treasure forever.

Your digital pictures are nice mementos to be sure, but a professionally taken photo of the family will have two advantages. It will have a technical proficiency and it will place you in the picture.

Catch the sun setting in the golden tones of late afternoon. Wait a little longer and snap a sky streaked with multi colors. Or have the photographer use a time exposure and capture a darkening sky and emerging moon.

One picture is truly worth a thousand words, and when it is a picture taken on Sanibel, the worth of a great portrait is priceless!

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