Friday, August 21, 2009

Ghosts on the Water? Sanibel Area Offers Great Tours

Always looking for something new to do on Island, I was thrilled when I tripped across an internet page talking about a Calusa Ghost Tour! I love the idea of encountering ghosts, love indian lore and paddling along the water in a canoe. But alas, the website where these ghost tours are described and arranged appears to be at least temporarily disabled. So I was not able to get any more information but I'll keep looking and post again in the future. This is just too interesting to forget!

But as I browsed through various websites, I was happy to find other not so usual activities in the Sanibel area and slightly beyond:

* Cruise with the marine biologist and naturalist of the Adventures in Paradise tour group in their Sealife Encounter. On this excursion, you will enjoy a wonderful trip for all ages with a unique, hands-on learning adventure. Cruise the bay while watching the dolphins at play, stopping at a deserted island for netting - so wear your beach shoes! This cruise includes a natural history narration, sampling of marine animals and on-board touch tanks for viewing the catch.

* Enjoy a 90-minute Swamp Buggy Tour through Babcock Ranch . Experienced guides offer in-depth descriptions of birds, animals, plants, and the cattle and horses that are raised on the ranch. Visitors will see panthers, alligators, and many other animals living in Southwest Florida.

* See the beautiful plants and trees at the Edison Estate. Edison's Botanical gardens include more than 1000 varieties of plants imported from all over the world.

* Take a walk on the Six Mile Slough Preserve by moonlight.

Everywhere, one turns, beauty and nature abound on Sanibel Island.


Melinda said...

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"Our site has been hacked and our databases and backups corrupted. The virus which attacked us is known to crawl from website to website and likely was not an aimed attack. Regardless, I have stepped up security, changed passwords, and asked our web provider to aid me in watching for suspicious activity.

In other news, we have decided to take this opportunity to rebuild the website even better and more organized to make it easy for our users to browse!


Samba said...

So sorry to read that. Please let us know when your site is back up.