Monday, October 19, 2009

The Art of Window Cleaning on Sanibel Island

Tim Macko is my window cleaner for both my vacation rental Blind Pass Condo E201 and vacation rental home, Toucan House. Tim comes over twice a year for both properties, does a super job and sends me the bill. He's been doing this for at least 6 years, and he never disappoints.

Half way into the client/supplier relationship, it was obvious to me in our brief conversations that Tim was more than a window cleaner and I discovered that he is an artist as well. I have been saying for these half a dozen years, that I want to see the murals and art work he creates. In his affable way, Tim is enthusiastic about the prospect. But, always the but, my time on the Island is so diffused with the things Joe and I must do for the properties, friends we want to catch up with, and the explorations we can never get enough of, the opportunity to view Tim's work as never realized.

So I just now went on a little search on the internet to see if Tim has a website.

I did not find any, but found a delightful article on him in the Fort Myers "Florida Weekly" written back in December 2008.

To be sure, none of us are simply the reflection of what we do for a living. And certainly Tim is more than both a window cleaner and a local artist. He's a world traveller, has served in the peace corp, creates murals and wall finishes for clients in several cities, some far from the Island.

But, I do see a connecting thread between his business of window washing and the obvious love in his life, creating art. To me, it's more than a connection, its a reliance on each other. Art needs light to create beauty and without glass none of it could take place.

For an artist, light, clarity and vision are instrumental enablers to the creation process. So even more than wanting clean windows, Tim needs them, providing the same for all his clients. The interdependence between art, glass and beauty is crystal clear to me!

Now that I have seen his artistry in window cleaning, I really must see his art work in person!

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