Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Noah's Ark and Sanibel a Likely Pair!

As I keep saying, though we have been coming to Sanibel Island for over a dozen years, we have barely skimmed the surface. While there, our vacation rental properties take up most of our time, and the exploring "normal" people do is often out of reach.

So it was no surprise to me when having dinner with friends last night, I learned that there exists a really wonderful place to bargain and treasure hunt that I was not aware of.

Noah's Ark,
owned and operated by Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, offers residents and visitors a wide array of reasonably priced, gently used and sometimes brand new, clothes and furnishings.

Proceeds from the shop support a wide variety of ministries of the church and several ministries for women and children. Grants are administered by the board and membership of the Episcopal Churchwomen (ECW).

So purchasing at the shop not only provides an opportunity to buy some great things at a great price, it also provides a benefit to those in need of assistance.

And like the animals aboard the true Noah's Ark, the pairing of Sanibel and such a good place is just about perfect!

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