Monday, June 28, 2010

Sanibel Offers a Different Kind of Shoe (Store)

Had to run over to the Island today. It's actually a short run from Naples where we are currently living while we plan and ponder as well as implement the renovations on Toucan House.

It's an interesting transition going from the very lush and uncommercialized area we live in through the kind of honkey tonk and colorful environs of Fort Myers Beach, then onto the little tropical paradise of easy, breezy Sanibel.

And after coming to the Island for so many years, I find little corners with nuances yet undiscovered.

Today, we had some meetings to attend with a little time in between so we explored by foot.

Stopping at the charming Sanibel Library to jot off a quick email, I was pleased to see that in my absence the heart of the Library had grown significantly larger. Just a year ago the number of computer stations may have numbered 8 at most, but there is a large expanse of the library now devoted to the new technologies. There must have been 20 computers in the large and airy space, testifying to the growing number of people reliant on internet communications.

One meeting later with more time on my hands, I wandered off to the little strip mall where Chico's used to be. As it was the original store with lots of Island lore, I was sad to see it was gone. But several doors down I found a nearly hidden and delightful
shoe store, Rinaldi's Fashion Shoes.

No Ismelda Marcos, my quest for the perfect shoe, a unique foot fashion, something that can stop (foot) traffic is practically nil. My indifference is based on my frugality (less is more) and my demand for comfort.

So I was duly impressed that there were so many pretty AND comfortable shoes at Rinaldi's. OK, they were not inexpensive, and even the pair I purchased on sale was nearly double what I normally pay for shoes, while the other pair--- not on sale--- was quadruple the price.

But I put them on, they were pretty, and my feet felt like they had landed in cushion heaven.

I walked out of the store with one pair on (the other tucked under my arm) and the bright breezy day went through my well being right down to the soles of my feet.

A good shoe should never been undervalued. And neither should a day spent on Sanibel Island.


Tootie said...

I'm totally with you on your choice of shoes. :) There's nothing like 'happy feet'.

Samba said...

And feet (as well as all other parts) are happiest on Sanibel. Wish I had known about Sanibel 40 years ago and about Rinaldi's 20 years ago!