Friday, June 24, 2011

Sanibel Pops with Never Ending Photo Opps!

I am humbled by the many great photographs I have seen taken on
Sanibel Island over the years. No, really I mean it. It takes patience to get that perfect shot, as well as luck in both subject matter and weather. We have been coming to the Island for over 14 years, and though we have some wonderful pix, we are generally so busy while there attending to our vacation rental properties that running about finding great photo opportunities is pretty low down on our list of things to do.

But thankfully, our guests----and particularly those that stay in our home, Toucan House----find no such obstacles in their way.

So when I heard from the Wyoming family who rented Toucan House for the month of May that they loved the home and had a wonderful time on the Island, I was gratified. But the appreciation doubled when I saw the pictures one of the group had taken. The photo here, titled by the photographer "Sanibel Line Dance" is one of several that truly tickled my sense of humor.

The photographs are compellingly composed and crystal clear. And I just loved Terry's whimsy in coming up with the descriptions.

Like many who come to the Island, he and his family love collecting shells. But there are times when the shell collecting is less bountiful than others. The weather, movement of the Gulf and tides do make a difference in the number and variety of shells to be found, but whether shells are in abundance or not, wild life always seems to be.

In Terry's words: "....I happened to buy a Nikon camera while I was staying at your house, which has transformed my whole beach experience. It used to be disappointing when there weren't many shells on the beach, but now I simply switch into photographic mode, and there seems like there is always something of interest to photograph, especially when one gets out early.....Bowman's Beach is surely the best place ....for photographing nature and wildlife. "

Well, looking at Terry's pix, I would have to agree. Take a look for yourself and enjoy what you see:

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