Monday, April 27, 2009

When the Sparks Fly: Fourth of July on Sanibel

Spring has sprung in New Jersey and summer is closing in fast.

We leave for Sanibel Island in a couple of days, and I am hoping the weather is as warm there as it is here.

For those of us who seek eternal summer, it comes and goes much too quickly.

One barely has time to get out the sandals before the leaves are turning colors.

My Aunt Marie used to bemoan the arrival of the Fourth of July saying summer was half way over when it arrived.

But for me, the Fourth of July is the hall mark of a summer holiday. And like other holidays, it is a special time on Sanibel.

For those who want to visit the Island at that time, there is usually a great fireworks celebration to be found. Scanning TripAdvisor forums, I found this post with some good suggestions on how to see the sparks fly on and near Sanibel:

Captiva is not having any fireworks this year. South Seas Resort decided against them.

There will a parade [on Periwinkle starting around 9:30] and fireworks on Sanibel, try for a spot on one of the causeway islands for a great view.

Ft Myers Beach will be doing them as well.

Fort Myers Beach Fireworks
Wednesday, Jul. 4, 2007
Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier & Times Square, Ft. Myers Beach
Community Holiday Celebration
Independence Day Celebration on Sanibel

Wednesday, Jul. 4, 2007
Periwinkle Way and Sanibel Causeway, Sanibel Island
Island Fourth of July Celebration
Red, White and Boom Celebration

Wednesday, Jul. 4, 2007
Cape Coral Pkwy., Cape Coral
Independence Day Street Party

Wednesday, Jul. 4, 2007
Centennial Park, Ft. Myers
Fourth of July Celebration

Hot dog! Sanibel summer fireworks sure light up the skies.

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