Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Sweet Smell of Sanibel

We have been on island for a week with two more to go. Each day has been glorious and we have come at a time that offers unusual benefits.

May, although not highly popular, is a beautiful month on Sanibel.

I can only assume that the light tourism is due to families with children not having ability to travel at this time and those without feeling that the Island may be too hot.

Though this May is warmer than usual, it is still outstanding weather. The sun is offset by the breeze and we are doing our 5 mile walks barely breaking a sweat.

All of Southwest Florida, Sanibel included, is experiencing a drought and while we would like to see some rain to green things out a little more, the dry weather has created a particularly odorous island.

Ordinarily, the Island, much of it wetlands, has a swampy scent that hangs in the air. It is not unpleasant, and we have come to welcome it as iconic Sanibel. But this hot, dry spell has bleached the island of that scent.

What has replaced the wetlands aroma is the fragrance of
jasmine, honeysuckle, hibiscus and bougainvillea that seem to carry on the breeze where ever you are. It follows you from point to point and at times mixes with the smell of fresh laundry that steams out of the homes we pass.

We have never experienced the Island with such a lovely aroma greeting us, and despite our looking forward to a good drenching, we will miss the sweet smell of Sanibel we have now grown accustomed to during this stay.

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