Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sanibel Movie Theatre Perfect Respite for a Rainy Day

Though the sun is shining brilliantly once again, the past 2 days have been rainy most of the time on our little Island, as well as most of southwest Florida. The rain was really needed, and the area has greened up nicely as a result.

And the downpours provided a great opportunity to do something a little different. We have been curious about the cinema here, appropriately named The Island Cinema.

The little yellow building sits at the far end of Bailey's Shopping Plaza. Even in the rain, it beckons with its cheery color.

Once inside, the tiny lobby entertains the nose with the smell of popcorn and candies of all kind.

Even more delightful is that the triplex appears to have been recently renovated. The seats are cushy and new, looking more like theatre seats on a ship than in a land based cinema.

There are few people here on this rainy, gray afternoon, so, armed with our popcorn and a soft drink, it's our choice of seats.

We are delighted immediately as the pre-movie instructions are played out in a cartoon version of Sanibel. It is an adorable preamble to the feature film. And once again it provides the Island touch even in so simple a thing as a pre-film advisory of what is allowed and not allowed (cell phones, conversation, your own food from home, etc.) during the showing of the movie.

Unfortunately the movie we chose, Angels and Demons, does not live up to the promise of the trailers we had viewed. It is a rather ridiculous movie with an improbable plot that not even the acting talents of Tom Hanks can elevate to credibility. Were it not for the Rome location and some stunning scenes of the city by night, we would have most likely walked out.

But we sit through it, munching our popcorn and hoping that the deluge will have let up a bit when we exit.

Fortunately, it had, so we headed home, content with the theatre and fresh popcorn and despite a bad movie.

Next time we are here, we won't hesitate to return to the Island Cinema. We'll just pick a better movie!

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