Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Unanticipated and Unexpected on Unpredictable Sanibel Island

Though the word unpredictable sometimes has a negative connotation, it is only used positively here in the context of this post.

For me, from the very first visit, Sanibel Island has not been predictable. Though a nature island, it has every amenity one could ask for. Though a popular, world class vacation destination, seclusion, privacy and tranquility are easily found. Though an American enclave, it's obviously a comfortable place for people from around the world.

So the word unpredictable simply means it is and always has been full of surprises.

On our last visit, quite recently, I made good on my intention to visit the "home" of Tim, my window washer. My husband and I stopped by one day to pay a visit as well as pay for Tim's last efforts on our vacation rentals.

The first surprise was Tim's charming domain. Tim lives in a trailer in Periwinkle Park. But those who may have an established image of trailers and trailer parks need to delete that image from their memory bank. This trailer park is quite lovely and Tim's own digs are delightful. Though small, his trailer is impeccable and the best use of space I have ever seen. Entering it, one feels as though they are coming into a tent, not a hard structured space. The decor is a mix of Tim's own art, pieces he has purchased and a decor influenced by his travels and life in such places as the Sudan and Morocco. He has done much of the work in and around his trailer on his own, and has created a unique retreat for himself. The location of his trailer is arguably the most private in the park and he has built comfortable decking to enjoy the solitude and views afforded from the property he sits on.

But the location offered an additional surprise apart from Tim's place.

Here, tucked away in the island's only trailer park, is a fabulous mini zoo. Besides the pictured Cockatoo, there are swans and parrots as well as lemurs and other mammals. Apparently the owner of the park has been collecting birds for many years.

Each morning a very well informed and helpful zoo "keeper" provides daily show for visitors. Every day at 10 a.m. the zoo’s care taker talks about the birds what they like and dislike, and usually lets the kids pet the birds.

Given that Sanibel has so much wildlife, it was not at all anticipated that there would be an attraction of this nature on the island.

Even a simple day of paying bills on Sanibel ends up being something to write home about!

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