Monday, November 30, 2009

Five Good Reasons to Spend Christmas on Sanibel

Why would anyone want to spend Christmas on a tiny barrier island in the tropics?

For many, the answer lies in the question.

But for those who might be seeking a few more details, here they are:

1. Let's start with the obvious, the weather. The mornings in late December may begin briskly with temperatures in the mid 50's, but by noon they are approaching 70, generally accompanied by sunshine and dry air.

2. Although you will miss the Luminary Festival which happens on December 4, you will still be on time to enjoy the colorful and entertaining decorations. The lights adorning the palm trees and along walk ways just make the Island even prettier and more romantic.

3. The School House theater will be putting on a cute and comedic play entitled Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some!) to add to the holiday spirit during the time of your stay!

4. You have a great excuse to do absolutely nothing. Don't want to shop, visit Aunt Tillie, be stuck in traffic, eat just for the sake of eating? Don't worry: you can avoid all that on the Island if you choose. And you can cover your tracks so no one will find you.

5. You have a great excuse not to have to get dressed up for anyone, buy a present for anyone, have an obligation to anyone. Just put on clean shorts and a fresh shirt and you can pretty much go anywhere. Feel like a scrooge? It's ok. Keep your money in your wallet. No one is going to be looking for presents from you on the Island.

Stay up all night if you please. Get up at dusk if you want. Set your clock to Island time. Set your mind to Island "tude". This will be the best getaway you ever had!

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