Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Sanibel Grinch that Stole (A) Christmas (Flamingo)

OK, so the Grinch did not really steal Christmas, only some plastic Flamingos dressed up for Christmas that a local business had put up...

But still.... you don't think of Flamingos on Sanibel. Roseate Spoonbill, yes, Flamingos no.

And yet there are signs and images of them everywhere.

Visitors as well as residents do get a kick out of seeing these home made and creative outfits on the Flamingos.

So it seems downright un-Sanibelian and anti-Christmas spirit to pilfer from the proliferation of bright pink birds in holiday adornment.

Why would anyone want to do this?

Is it a joke?

A deliberate attempt to annoy the business owner?

A cheap (as in free) souvenir of Sanibel?

No matter. It's not nice.

The Flamingos were perfectly content to be an island attraction and they were.

But maybe it's a sign of the times. With a sluggish economy, a bad real estate market and poor job market, is anyone feeling X-masy?

Or maybe it's a political statement about the holiday.

Some people don't like the religious aspect. Some people don't like the social aspect. Some people don't like the commercial aspect.

In fact, though he is not on Sanibel, a friend of ours, a gifted and creative song writer and singer has gotten fed up with the diluted sense of Christmas and has written a protest song that is up on youtube.

It's really cute and for those reading this blog, you might want to take a look and listen and pass it on.

Just click here:


And, oh yes, Merry Christmas one and all!


Sharon said...

We are THRILLED to report that the Santa and Elf Mingo were mailed to us via USPS on Saturday, December 12 and they were intact and unharmed! The box was postmarked Cape Coral/Pine Island -- we hope that video surveillance will show who the Grinch that finally found a heart was!

While we are saddened that there are individuals in our community that condone stealing something as trivial and 'inexpensive' as a plastic pink flamingo (we've had 24 stolen in 11 years = $251 - that's EXPENSIVE!)and think it's funny; we are grateful for the many people who have stopped in over the years to comment on how much they enjoy our displays.

Thank You for the news coverage - I know it helped in the return of the flamingos; and, specifically, Thank You to the person(s) that was kind enough to mail them back to us. We have our faith in Christmas Miracles restored, and are happy that our display is once again intact.

We will be paying the $1,000 reward to C.R.O.W. of Sanibel,J.N. "Ding" Darling Wildlife Preserve and The Harry Chapin Food Bank of SW Florida.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings from Sharon & Judy at Cottages to Castles

Samba said...

Please let us know if the "culprit" is ever found!