Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Naked Truth: Sanibel's Naturist Hideaway

Nudity has always been an interesting concept to me.

There is nothing wrong with it per se.

Yet it is always seen within the context of lewd or funny, not just naked or nude.

And, I was surprised to hear---- given common public sentiment--- that there was a clothes optional beach on Sanibel. I thought I had been to every beach on the Island but I never saw bathers sans suits anywhere. Given that the Island is such a family oriented destination, I could not imagine where this beach could be.

Doing a little research on the net, I discovered that the beach is so discreetly tucked away I don't think anyone could find it unless they joined the naturist "club".

And, it appears from their website, that the location of the beach is so secluded that members are brought there by boat.

In fact, according to their site, it would seem that the beach is not actually on Sanibel Island itself:

Florida State law prohibits nudity in a public place including public beaches. Even on a remote section of a county or state owned beach you could be arrested if you are nude. Also, there are not any beaches on the Gulf Coast between Tampa and the Florida Keys that allow topless sunbathing. The Sanibel Naturists, along with other stakeholders, owns a small section of the beach on a bridgeless, barrier island for club members' use. Only our diligent and mindful respect for the property, and the island's other visitors allows us to continue using this privately owned property for nude sunbathing. No nude sunbathing or swimming is permitted unless our property has been properly posted with our signs, as directed by Lee County officials.

So it may be the Sanibel Naturists Club, but the Naturist beach may not be on the Island.

Regardless, the concept is congruent with what Sanibel is.

A natural place, a peaceful place.

And what's more natural than swimming in warm waters (under the tropical sun) as you were born?

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