Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Will The Super Bowl Homeaway Ad Effect Sanibel's Vacation Rental Market?

Super Bowl 2010 has come and gone, but not without a few surprises.
Though the Saints were a sentimental favorite among many East Coast Super Bowl fans, no one thought they would win so profoundly, if indeed they held high hopes for a win at all.

And there were probably many people in the stands and glued to their tv's who were surprised that a vacation rental website would invest the money to advertise on one of the most expensive venues available. But while New Orleans and Saints fans everywhere are taking to the streets and celebrating, the question remains how, if at all, the Homeaway ad will impact the vacation rental market place.

Though I can't help but feel that the ad will give a needed and good exposure to vacation rentals, I can't say that the ad will drive people to either Homeaway or other traditional vacation rental sites to book their lodging. For me, and the people I have spoken with, the ad just did not bring home effectively the advantages of a vacation rental over a hotel. Those being, specifically, more space, better pricing for a family, more privacy for a couple and, in most instances, more comfort and convenience for everyone.

In fact, I would risk an opinion that the ROI for Homeaway will be negligible, and I am certainly not anticipating a flood of inquiries for my own two vacation rentals on Sanibel as a result of the ad...or to any particular rentals on the Island.

As someone with decades of marketing experience, I truly feel that for all the money spent, the message was muddled. I think the Homeaway people might have better utilized the funds to simply drive traffic to a more focused video on youtube.

This little video produced by Second Porch and featured on youtube, probably has a more pointed message about the mission of this Facebook application than does the much more complex and significantly more costly Homeaway ad explain the VR advantage:

As they say, "out of the mouths of babes".......

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