Sunday, February 28, 2010

Putting Winter in Perspective: Sanibel Angle on Meaning of Weather

Three times today, alone, I was struck with the whole idea of what "winter" means. Of course, the comparison sprang from considering what has been a long, cold, snowy winter here in New Jersey. And it's not over yet!

First, watching the morning news on TV about the memorial for the Sea World trainer who was killed by a performing whale, I was absorbed on several levels. I feel deeply for the deceased trainer and for her family. Losing a loved one at that age and in that manner is no doubt difficult to accept. I also feel a sense of frustration and anger that these wild, beautiful whales are taken from their natural environments to live out their lives in nothing much larger than a bathtub (relative to the size of the Orcas) purely to entertain people and enrich the industry that has caught and captured them.

Less intense in feeling, but still palpable, I watched as reporters in Orlando covered the story. They were dressed in light jackets, and they were surrounded by green....palms, grass, all lush. And the sun was shining. The view out my window was far less appealing. The snow out there in the woods is white and deep, but the trees are bereft of leaves and the panorama, to me, is austere and uninviting.

Later today, watching the evening news, I caught a commercial about Keywest on the tube. I have seen it before, and was then and now smitten with the images: a sail boat in the sunset, the aqua waters, the colorful buildings and verdant landscapes. I only wish those marketing mavens who are in charge of promoting Sanibel would see the value of such a beautiful promotion for my own island.

And just checking my website now, I see that the weather on Sanibel reached 60 degrees and was sunny all day. Of course, that is a disappointment I am certain for those who are on the Island seeking a beach scene or a dip in the Gulf. But look at the comparison. It did not get over 30 degrees here today, and though the sun peeked out for about an hour, the day was largely gray and dull.
So I am left as night approaches, not necessarily cursing the dark, but wishing it would not get quite so dark quite so quick. And that the winters in the tri state area would not start quite so soon or last so long. It would also be helpful to have warmer weather longer and green all year around.

But most of all, when I read/hear complaints about the chill in Florida, I can only smile. Those registering disappointment, are like the palm tree shown here, missing an important part of the picture. The complete picture is one that considers all the alternatives!

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