Thursday, December 25, 2008

Avoid the Heart Break Of Missing Sanibel: Plan Your Spring Vacation Now

Don't ask me why it is that spring vacation planning is often left to the last moment. Every family knows that there will be a spring break at their local school and that many of them will want to be away, preferably away some place warm.

Several weeks in March through April are spring break sessions in schools around the country.

These weeks are undoubtedly the busiest weeks on Sanibel Island and other resorts in the sun.

Every one knows this.

Yet, each year with the arrival of February, I and other vacation property owners begin receiving inquiries for a place to stay during the week of their spring break.

Some times I have an availability, most times I don't. Infrequently I can refer some one to another vacation rental, most times that is not possible.

One week last March was completely sold out on the Island. There was not a room, condo, house or Inn to be found with a vacancy.

I know it was very frustrating for all those moms and dads who had visions of golden beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze and sun shining over an emerald green gulf. It was equally frustrating for me to have to keep responding in the negative about availability, not just for my own properties but in general.

So now that we are on the cusp of 2009, I am telling people in as many ways as possible that the time has come to plan your break. Despite the slacking economy, my bet is that a good portion of those families who like to be in the tropics for spring vacation are not going to forgo the experience this year. They may choose a
less expensive lodging or plan on eating more meals in or even opt to drive rather than fly to Sanibel, but my bet is that they will come, when all is said and done.

So don't disappoint your family, start your search now. You may not get a bargain on your condo pricing, but you will at least have a place to go when your holiday arrives. Avoid the
heartbreak of a missed vacation.

There are many sites on the internet where you can research condos for rent and see lots of photos to give you a good idea of what is available. There are the large vacation rental listing sites such as, and There are also smaller sites like and Googling vacation rentals sanibel will turn up lots and lots of results, and you can narrow your search even further by Googling
sanibel spring condo and other similar terms. also will have dozens of postings you can consider under the category vacation rentals Fort Myers, Florida.

If you prefer a more personal touch and actually want to speak directly to a person, there are vacation rental agencies on Sanibel where you can call and get a booking representative on the phone. One of the best of these is Sanibel Holiday.

Alternatively, most of the vacation rental condominiums on the Island have rental offices. If you know a complex where you would like to stay, you can call a toll free number and explore options over the phone.

Should you have a week in mind where you are finding very little availability, the Sanibel-Captiva Chamber of Commerce often keeps a running list of vacancies on the Island.

Missing a vacation may not be a world class catastrophe, but it sure does help pick up the spirits to plan for one and get a respite from your normal routine. Routine on a vacation is not considered boring: it is more often regarded as bliss. Don't miss your bliss!

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