Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spring Into Sanibel

Thinking back on my travels, I have fond memories of spring like temperatures as winter in Rio de Janeiro transitioned into spring. I was living in this hub of samba and soccer and though the seasonal changes were nothing like we know them in the northeast USA, the transition of seasons in Brazil was subtle yet noticeable.

The Cariocans (Rio natives) would begin to shed their jackets and go sleeveless in the streets.

And life on the beach began anew.

One sure fire sign of spring in Brazil were the acrobatic feats observed on the shores in Rio as well as small coastal towns all over the country. The agility of the participants was awesome.

Though I have never observed the rites of spring in quite the same way on the Island of Sanibel, I have watched the dolphins perform similar acrobatics as the Gulf waters warmed under a stronger sun.

Observance of the passage of time in the tropics is a studied art. No winter snow storms or abundant flowering trees divide the winter and spring.

But the watchful eye will see more subtle changes.

The wind warms, the day lengthens, the shadows diminish.

And, of course, crowds disperse, restaurants become less populated and accommodations become less expensive.

The months of April and May are among the nicest to visit Sanibel, as we have seen year after year!

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