Monday, December 29, 2008

Chatting Up Spring Break On Sanibel Island

It must have been the special on NBC TV featuring Sanibel Island. I was in a Starbucks, far away from Florida the other day, and three female Latte drinkers were gathered together talking about where they were going to go on Spring Break with their husbands and kids. Sanibel Island was the center of discussion.

So, of course, being a vacation rental owner, I was all ears.

What I had heard as I sipped my Frappucino was not surprising.

The economy had kept them from making plans.

Now their kids are insisting that they should not pay the price for an economic down turn not of their making.

Luckily, said one particularly cheerful mom, her kids were young enough not to be looking for an action destination, but old enough to want to go some place warm. That lets me off the hook to take them to Atlantis, she went on to say, because they don't need all that activity just yet.

Another mom, not quite so cheerful, added that the household finances would simply not allow them to take any Caribbean vacation where they would be paying for 5 expensive round trip tickets. We need, she said adamantly, to go somewhere we can drive.

And the third mom responded that it was not her kids who needed to be busy all the time but her husband. He, she said, wanted to do something different every day, golf, boat, bike, shop. The beach alone would never be enough for him.

It was all I could do not to interrupt their conversation and suggest that Sanibel Island would be the perfect place for all 3 of their families, when the subject came up on its own. Fortunately, for my sense of decorum, the three women discussed the advantages of Spring Break on Sanibel and concurred it would fit all their needs ideally.

So they left with intentions to scour the Internet for condominium rentals for their respective breaks in March and April and I returned to my Frappucino, content with their decision and my resolve to mind my own business.

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