Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Accommodations on Sanibel Island

Ok, now you know where on the Island you think you want to be, but there is a catch!

If you want to stay at one of the island inns, and you want to be on Sanibel, not Captiva, you will have to restrict yourself to the mid island location. There are no inns on the quiet, west end of the island. As suggested in my earlier post, the west end of the island is the non-commercialized area of the island. The closest inns on the west end are actually on Captiva. Captiva is Sanibel's neighboring island, and quite lovely. But you will do yourself a service by comparing prices for inn lodging on both islands as you plan your trip.

Inns are great for short stays, generally not allowed in the condo rentals. Most condo vacation rentals mandate a rental of a week or more. Inns offer the luxury of having daily maid service and some offer a place to have a bite to eat. Only a few condo complexes have dining facilities. The majority are self catering, which means you do your own cooking and cleaning while you are on holiday. You should find your condo unit clean when you arrive, and if you leave it in good condition, you will not be charged in the majority of complexes for cleaning on your departure.

Also do your home work on condo complexes. If you absolutely must have a Gulf view accomodation, be sure the unit you have chosen offers same. There are many, many complexes directly on the Gulf, but some units do not offer the view.

If a Gulf view is not an absolute, you will find that there are complexes near the beach that offer more space and better pricing.

And, in regards to pricing, if you are vacationing for 4 weeks or more, you may find your best value in renting a private rental home.

Vacation homes on Sanibel are mandated by the town to be 28 day rentals. That makes for less competition than weekly rental condos, especially in off season. Explore your options if you are planning a month's stay on Sanibel as you well may find the best pricing on private homes for rent.

Tomorrow's post will explain how to get the best price AND best value out of your vacation rental.

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