Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's Your Idea of a Sanibel Vacation?

Gathering seashells by the seashore is certainly what Sanibel is best known for, but it is truly the tip of the iceberg.....or crest of the wave as the case may be.

There is so much more underneath!

If you just want to move from pool to beach to
bed, you can have the most relaxing time of your life on the Island. If that is what you prefer, you can be on island time every day of your vacation.

But if you are looking for activity, you will not be disappointed.

Sanibel does not have a great deal of night life. There's a jazz bar and restaurant, Ellingtons, a sports bar, Sanibel Grill, and there's the movie theatre, a playhouse, and, in season largely, some lectures and concerts at Big Arts.

But if you prefer to have a busy day, you will have a wide choice of activities.

Fishing, water sports such as kite sailing and board surfing, as well as biking are all easily accessible. Scuba diving around Sanibel is considered to be first class.

There are boat trips to other islands, parasailing, golfing, tennis, classes at Sanibel Sea School, and guided tours of natural sights as well as some
splendid bird watching that can fill your days with excitement and discovery.

One way to add value to your trip to Sanibel is to consider what kind of vacation you want, and then plan for it.

Collecting seashells is just the beginning.

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