Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Location Choices on Sanibel Island

You know you want to vacation on Sanibel Island. This unique resort island blends the tropics, adventure, romance and family fun perfectly. You know that spending your holiday time on Sanibel will give you maximum comfort and convenience as well as a remarkable view on nature. With more than half the island a nature preserve, yet offering a wide and interesting array of restaurants and shops, this is without a doubt your preferred destination.

Choosing Sanibel was the easy part.

More difficult is choosing your accommodation.

If you take the choices step by step and one by one, the decision will be much easier.

You know you want to go off island often to explore the surrounding area. Then you may well want to consider the furthest east end of the island. This area is home to the scenic Sanibel Light House and is closest to the causeway, the entrance on to and off of Sanibel.

Or perhaps you and your family much prefer being in the thick of social activity on vacation. You might be best off staying in one of the many complexes lining the Gulf. This area has many plantings and is closest to the core of restaurants and shops.

Maybe what you most seek is seclusion, a sense of being on some tropical hideaway, a closer relationship with the nature of the island. Then you will probably prefer the furthest west end of the island.

This end, closest to Captiva, is less densely inhabited and offers easy access to the Ding Darling Nature Preserve.

Once you have decided where on the island you most want to be, you will have many other decisions to make.

To help you sort out what condo complex, or whether you would be better off renting a private house, I will provide some further insights in my next blog post.

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