Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sanibel: Moments to Remember

Every one has a special moment on Sanibel, one better and more memorable than all the others. It's not necessarily a BIG moment, but perhaps some little corner of the day where something happens that just makes you feel you are someplace really special.

Our renters often share these with us when they write to tell us of their stay in our vacation rental condo or vacation rental house, and we are delighted to know about their experiences.

Though the threat of hurricanes is real for all of Florida and most of the surrounding states, the actuality is that only 2 hurricanes have hit Sanibel in the last 45 years.

However, summer electrical storms, usually late day or evening "productions" are common. They often provide a dramatic and quite beautiful sound and light show. For us, that special moment on Sanibel came on a hot summer afternoon when we had been shopping in one of the Periwinkle stores and came out to find the typical summer rain rolling in. So we stood under a covering and watched this incredible electrial storm that filled the skies with bolts of lighting as buckets of water dropped from above.

Despite my fear of lightning, we felt safe where we were and the visuals were just awesome.

As it usually does, the storm ended in a matter of minutes as gulf breezes blew the clouds off the island.

The resulting image will remain with us as a quintessential Sanibel moment. The trees and plants were left wet and glistening and the pavements were steaming from the cool water, creating a mist that enveloped the landscape. I don't think I have ever seen the island more exotic or prettier in all our years of owning vacation rentals there.

I hope to post future anecdotes reflecting moments to remember on Sanibel as experienced by ourselves as well as by our renters.

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