Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bargains on and around Sanibel Island

Let's face it. Sanibel Island is not a bargain priced vacation destination. There are many other places in Florida where prices all around are cheaper. But that brings us back to the discussion of value from an earlier post, and on that note, Sanibel is a great value. It is unsurpassed for the quality of holiday you will have based on the enjoyment of the Gulf waters, views of nature, tropical environment, serenity as well as comfort and convenience.

However, despite the slightly higher price tag than other locales in Florida, Sanibel Island does have bargains to be found and had if one keeps a look out.

There are many nice shops on Sanibel, but we have found that Wilford and Lee has a large selection of gifts for more competitive prices than other shops on the Island.

There are also good deals to be found in the eclectic and always treasure filled Islander Trading Post. This is not a cookie cutter collection of goods: you will have to spend time to go through the huge, unique and varied merchandise to find your treasure.

Looking for the latest fashion at low cost prices? The Sanibel Good Will is the place to go. The store which opened in 1995 has a wonderful selection of brand and designer names like Gap, Chicos and Tommy Bahama. The Goodwill location is a magnet for fashion bargain hunters.

Immediately off island is the Tanger Outlet Center, almost worth the trip off island even if you don't go shopping as the new, brightly painted buildings create a pretty and "islandy" environment. Shopping categories include accessories, children's apparel, footwear, and housewares. Not everything is a bargain, but if you are judicious you will find plenty of nice things for good prices.

And there are other non commercial, non material great value and price treasures to be discovered on Sanibel. There are over 200 varieties of beautiful shells that line the beaches, all available for free. Scoop up a bundle and take them home as gifts.

The Sanibel Library with its lovely reading rooms, free high speed computer stations and breezy porch overlooking the pond is a great way to spend some time and not spend one dime.

If you are a serious swimmer and your condo or house pool is just not cutting it for doing laps, check out the Sanibel Recreation Center's new and huge pool where you can buy reasonably priced daily, weekly or monthly passes.

And remember the golden rule of vacation rentals. There is always a bargain to be found for last minute bookings.


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