Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eats and Treats on Sweet Sanibel

Although two thirds of Sanibel is preserved land and there are no high rise buildings, fast food restaurants or traffic lights on the Island, do not think of vacationing on this island resort as "roughing it".

With a refined search for accommodations, you can land yourself a very delightful condo or home for your stay.

Your search for good eats will be much easier. There is great food all around you.

Fine dining in the truest sense of the phrase can be found at the Thistle Lodge where the Gulf view, presentation of food and professional service set this lovely restaurant apart from many others on the Island.

But there are a plethora of restaurants, perhaps not so sophisticated, that are geared and prepared to provide a nice environment and good food. Among our favorites are Matzaluna, Traders Cafe and Gramma Dot's.

For a more casual bite, a lunch at the outdoor deck at The Green Flash on a breezy day is delightful:the food is tasty as is the water view. And the Lazy Flamingo located on the far west end of Sanibel is a step back into the casual island experience as well as a step forward in finding the freshest fish in town.

Also casual, there's Amy's Over Easy Cafe or Jerry's Supermarket for an appealing breakfast and if those are not quite casual enough, stop at Schnappers for one of their hot dogs or a bag of fries.

You won't go hungry on this pretty little Island, and you can bring home a taste of Sanibel Island as well. The Cheese Nook carries Sanibel Island preserves and seasonings that you can purchase as gifts or for your own enjoyment on your return from the Island.

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