Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So When is a Good Time to Visit Sanibel Island?

We are often asked what season is best to holiday on Sanibel.

Sanibel does not experience dramatic seasonal changes as we know them in the north east and other parts of the country, but there are subtle (and not so subtle) changes that distinguish the various segments of the year.

Winter season, January through March, can vary in temperatures from a low of 50 degrees farhenheit in the earlier mornings, to a high of 85 degrees in mid to later afternoon. Even in the warmer part of the day, there is generally no humidity and the sun light, as well as water color in the Gulf of Mexico, is distinctly "winter" season.

Spring season, April and May, with a mean temperature of 67 degrees does not dip so low in day time temps and stays consistently warmer. But there is a breeze that does cool down the air and actually makes night time "under blanket" time.

Summer season, June and July, are more often then not hot and with the average humidity at 76, but the "blessing" of this time of year are the late day showers, quite spectacular to view, and refreshing to the land. Sanibel gets much less rain in other seasons, and the summer rains do green things up more than ever. In addition to the benefits of the rain, the Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful blue-green, warm and inviting during summer, the crowds have thinned and prices on air fares are usually down.

Hurricane season runs officially from June 1 to late November but it is really concentrated in the months of August and September. Though Sanibel has only been hit by 2 major hurricanes in the past 45 years, they were both in August.

Fall season on Sanibel can begin as early as October and lasts as late as December. Temperatures begin falling, humidity lessens, and, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, you can enjoy the island with little traffic, no waiting times for dinners in restaurants, few bugs and the calm of the island before high season begins. Boating is particularly delightful during this season.

So what's the best time of year to visit Sanibel? And the answer is...... all year long!

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