Monday, September 22, 2008

October is a GREAT MONTH to visit Sanibel

With a high of 86 degrees fahrenheit, a low of 68 degrees fahrenheit, rain fall at 2.9 inches and Gulf water temperatures at 80 degrees fahrenheit, October's "averages" may offer the optimum weather conditions for a Sanibel vacation. Every renter's dream, we think, is hot and sunny days, cooler nights, low humidity and a Gulf of Mexico warm enough for swimming, but yet refreshing.

Aside from weather, air and water temperatures specifically, October is a very restful time on the Island's calendar. There is usually a collective sigh of relief that the summer and tropical storms are just about gone, there are fewer people on the island and fewer cars. In short, it is generally the ideal time to see and enjoy Sanibel. And, there are deals to be had in the way of last minute discounts in October!

Of course, we can not predict the weather, but we can certainly look at the history of average temperatures for October, rainfall and ocean temperatures to make an intelligent guess.

For renters who have a week locked in for vacation because of school holidays, October may not be a possibility.

For snow birds who insist on being away from the cold of their home states, even cooler days on the Island will be a relief from winter time in Michigan, Minnesota and all the other climes where frigid conditions and lots of snow make the days less pleasant. October comes too soon to be of much help.

But for visitors who truly have a choice in when to vacation, they would do well to consider October's averages. If it's a vacation on Sanibel that is most important, to see, do and enjoy, then the 10th month of the year could be for you.

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