Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dining In? Sanibel Makes it as Easy as Pie

The greatest number of visitors to Sanibel choose self catering acccommodations. In fact, one of reasons that renters want a condo or house, rather than an inn or hotel room, is to have the ability to cook and eat in as desired.

Now, visitors to the island have it easier than ever.

Both of the larger grocery stores on Sanibel, Bailey's and Jerry's, have terrific inventories of all kinds of foods from basic staples to gourmet. And now they offer the added convenience of allowing you to call in your order or order on line. You can pick it up or have it delivered to your lodging. And they go beyond delivering. They will actually put away your groceries even before you arrive, so you can walk in the door and have your larder stocked. Would you like a cold beer after that hot climb up the stairs with all your luggage? It's right there in your own refrigerator!

As one would imagine, the delivery and put away services are at additional cost, but if you truly want a stress and responsibility free vacation, this is a great way to begin one.

Jerry's website has meal planning on the home page and Bailey's website offers a long list of gluten free and organic foods to be found in the store.

And your friends think you are roughing it by going to an island that's largely a nature preserve? Just wait til you tell them how pampered you were.

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