Wednesday, September 3, 2008

October Discounts on Sanibel Island Vacation Rentals

In an earlier blog post, I spoke about discounts.

I, and many, if not most, owners, are amenable to last minute discounts and those are now possible for weeks in October.

We are offering great prices at our condo for weeks in October not just because it is last minute, but also because of the low inquiry rate at present.

This is not new. Often when storms are threatening, renters are hesitant to make plans in areas where they may hit.

The truth is that most of the times, the storms miss. And, most of the times when they do hit, the damage is minimal with every body up and running as usual in a matter of days. But bad memories die hard, and the unusual but devastating hurricanes of Charlie and Katrina left their mark on everyone.

The lack of inquiries for owners at this time will certainly make them at least consider reducing prices.

So polish up your negotiating skills, find the nicest place you can, and do due diligence in seeking out what are the best prices AND best value.

Again, those are not equal terms.

A badly maintained vacation rental is not a good value if you seek cleanliness, comfort and convenience.

But a nicely maintained vacation rental with a discount could be a great value.

You need to ask all the questions (determining age of mattresses, level and year of updates, quality and quantity of linens and electronic equipment, etc.) then compare and contrast before you make your decision.

The timing is right if you have the time to do the right thing!

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