Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Best "Value" on Sanibel is Knowing Eric

We know quite a few people on Sanibel now.

And to a person, they are kind, interesting and helpful.

We also know a number of people with whom we do business on the island.

And to a person, they are honest, hardworking, and creative.

So we feel particularly fortunate in knowing Eric Pfeifer as he---remarkably--- has all of these traits!

Eric is the broker in his own Real Estate firm on Sanibel, Pfeifer Realty Group, and has many years of experience behind him having been an agent for other Real Estate agencies on the Island.

We have known Eric to be a good realtor, a good guy and a good neighbor.

He has helped friends with his unique industriousness and sense of integrity when they were looking for properties to buy, or when they were looking to sell properties.

He has helped us, gaining early access onto Sanibel after Hurricane Charlie and inspecting our properties for damage. He did this without our even asking him to do so.

And he has helped various organizations on Sanibel by donating to his own or his clients' favorite Sanibel causes each time he does a closing on a property he's sold. Most recently, he contributed $2000 from a closing to the Sanibel Sea School, an organization whose mission statement and purpose he feels strongly about.

If the word value can be used in describing a relationship, it certainly applies to Eric. We respect and value Eric and admire his sense of generosity. We trust him.

So on our last trip to the Island, we were relieved to talk with him and hear his take on the Island's Real Estate market. Eric is always bullish on Sanibel. Having been educated as an engineer, he changed professions in order to live on Sanibel. He finds great value in island life and is able to carry his enthusiasm for the Island into his profession as a realtor.

What makes the island so special is the key, as Eric sees it, to the real estate market on Sanibel recovering sooner and better than anywhere else in Florida. Sanibel's land development code protects it from ever getting overdeveloped to the degree of other locales. Hence, the syndrome of too many new housing starts or condo constuction can't happen on the island as it does throughout the state, depreciating already existing properties.

While real estate on the Island is not as depressed as in other Florida towns, the time may be soon approaching, according to Eric, when the prices begin rising, particularly for private homes.

This may well be the most opportune time to visit the Island and take a look around. There is no doubt there are deals to be made and great values to be found.

And there is no doubt in our minds that if one is serious about exploring the value of investing in Sanibel Island, that Eric is the man to deal with.

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