Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Night of Moonlight on Sweet, Safe Sanibel

Yesterday was our last full day on the Island.

It may have been our best day of the trip.

We woke up with the sun in our eyes and I ran off to do my laps at the Blind Pass Pool. Afterwards, we sat under the ceiling fan on the lanai and talked over breakfast about how nice the time had been. Though we did not do much that we had not done many times before, we find a real safety net in visiting the Island. We count on the consistency of the weather being lovely, the people we know being warm and inviting and the explorations we do being fun and relaxing. Sanibel is a "safe" destination for us as we are never disappointed.

After breakfast we made our rounds picking up some things we needed for the drive back home. A quick but always pleasant stop to speak with our rental manager of Toucan House was next. And then a bite of lunch at The Green Flash on Captiva, always appetizing. Our intention was to eat outside but the wind was so strong we stayed in, still enjoying the great view of the water and boats. A long walk topped off the day, satisfying as always.

But it was the night that made our last day so special.

After dinner on the lanai, we retreated to the upstairs porch. We had dessert up there by candlelight, and enjoyed the silence of that high perch. It was especially lovely with the full moon shining down on us, just slightly illuminating the tree tops that surrounded the porch. It's difficult to believe, but every time we come to the island, we experience a full moon!

But it was a bitter sweet moment as the eventuality of departing was heavy on our hearts.

So we consoled ourselves with planning our next trip to the Island and though it may be a bit foolish to be so certain, we know it will be perfect as it has always been. We don't take it for granted, but we do depend on it.


Tootie said...

I've loved reading about your visit to Sanibel. I always felt just like you describe when I had to leave. Three years ago, I decided not to leave and I can tell you it is still like being on vacation everyday. Safe trip home and come back soon. :-)

Samba said...

Thanks for your nice note. We are home now though part of me is still on the Island.

I think we have to start planning more time there. Two or three weeks is never enough time on Paradise!