Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Beachy-Keen on Sanibel!

Another glorious day on this island. Sunshine, clear blue skies, refreshing breezes, music in the air, unsung yet heard. "Oooh, la, la on the isle of Sanibel" as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sing it.

After a dip in our condo pool, a nice perq with owning both the house and condo near each other, I headed over to the Blind Pass Beach.

As is often the case, the Gulf was an infinite view of blue-green calm waters. Barely a ripple to be seen.

Birds, as is also often the case, greatly outnumbered the humans on the beach.

So I walked the distance from Blind Pass to the Bowman's Beach public access with my feet at the water's edge and numerous plovers, terns, Ibis and even a heron keeping me company from a short distance.

Exiting at Bowman's Beach, I found a large crowd of bicyclists having a barbeque at two or three tables under the trees. Whatever they were eating smelled delicious.

The path from the Bowman's Beach public access to Toucan House is lightly traveled. I have never encountered another beach goer on the path, though it is a nice one and used as a recreation park.

There are places to stop in the Recreation Park where one can do pull ups, sit ups and vaults, if one were inclined. But after 25 laps at the pool, I did not feel inclined.

I arrived back at Toucan House feeling like this was one of the nicest beach days on Sanibel and that I was really lucky to have had the time to enjoy it.

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