Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How To Eat Cheaply on Sanibel: A Twilight Special

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned Jerry's supermarket as one of several nice places to go for breakfast on the island. And it is.

But on our vacation on Sanibel this month, we discovered that there is more to Jerry's than a tasty omelet.

One day we went for lunch and were delighted with our choices as well as the fact that we could now take our lunch outside. There are several tables with umbrellas in the little courtyard surrounded by some beautiful caged tropical birds.

Although I would prefer to see the birds free and in their native environment, I must admit to being enchanted with their company.

Also enchanting, and something not too common on this delightful Caribbean like Island is the fact that one can eat dinner at Jerry's for a most reasonable price. There is a twilight special with a variety of tasty offerings priced for the most frugal among us.

For us, our meals at our vacation rental home always hit the mark.

But when we do venture out for dinner, our favorites such as the Mad Hatter and the Thistle Lodge, are as pricey as any restaurant we frequent in New York City. So our dinners there are reserved for special occasions.

But at Jerry's, eating by twilight can be as frequent as you wish. And you will neither go hungry nor broke!


Snowbird said...

We love Jerry's. It is our favorite place for breakfast. Service is good, food is good, and you can't beat the prices on Sanibel.

Have you ever visited Periwinkle Park? The birds at Jerry's are owned by the guy who owns the park. He has a ton of birds, ducks, swans, and lemurs on display at the Park. During season, Libbie "The Bird Lady" gets them out of the cages and talks about them every morning at 10:00

Samba said...

Thanks so much for your comment.

Just goes to show you how much more there is to see, do and learn. I did not know about Periwinkle Park, but it sounds great.

I will put a visit to Periwinkle Park on our agenda for our next trip to the island!

Becka said...

Jerry's is one of my favorite places for breakfast and lunch not only because it is a great value but because the food is really good! I think it is one of Sanibel's best kept dining secrets!

Samba said...

"Becka" thanks for your comment. If you have other favorite "best kept dining secrets", I would love to know what they are.

One would think that with Sanibel so small, you could find out everything about it very quickly. But we've been frequenting the island several times a year for over a decade and each time we discover somthing new!

Snowbird said...

Try the Great White Grille for lunch or dinner. Reasonable prices and good food. Usually not real crowded either.

Samba said...

That's what I mean about Sanibel. So many hidden treasures. I never heard of The Great White Grill but we will definitely try it.

Thanks for the tip!!!