Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Sounds of Sanibel

So much of the enjoyment of a stay on Sanibel is in the little things.

And much of it is not in what we see but what we hear.

The cicada singing, the chewk, chew, chew of the osprey overhead, the gentle sloosh of the Gulf ebbing and flowing all add, almost imperceptibly, to the Sanibel experience.

One more noticeable addition and one we have come to appreciate immensely during our stays on the Island is the sound of WAVV, 101.1 FM radio.

It's an easy listening station. We had one like it in WPAT radio in New Jersey. But the station changed its musical format at least a decade ago reflecting the changing demographics of the area. And literally, overnight as is usually the case with a format change, the easy listening sounds were transitioned to latino.
We love latino music and do still listen to WPAT in our musical mix, but we miss the old WPAT as well.

So we were delighted to find WAVV here on the Island and with a great reception as the station is right across the causeway in Fort Myers. We tune into it in the car as soon as we arrive in the area and keep every stereo/radio/ computer in
Toucan House tuned to the station as well.

The gentle sounds go so well with the tempo of the Island.

It also goes well with Margaritas, Pina Coladas and fresh fish from the Gulf.

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