Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sanibel Seashells: The Recipe for a Gorgeous Christmas Tree

If you like unusual and artsy stuff, you can really have a field day with Sanibel seashells.

Seashells are so beautiful in and of themselves, and their lovely configurations are ideal for creating unique
Christmas tree ornaments.

According to one seashell crafts person, Patricia from Massachusetts, the ease of creating seashell X-Mas tree decorations makes for a great project for the whole family.

First, the recipe, what you need to get started.

Ingredients Needed:

Sea shells
Gold Gilt or silver and gold paint
Tiny rosebuds (silk or real)
Glue gun
Clear nail polish
Gold or silver very thin ribbon or cord

Next, the process, what you need to do to "cook" your trinket:

1. Gilt or paint your shells and let dry. (you can also leave the shells plain and cover with clear nail polish if you prefer).

2. Glue a rosebud or pearl in the well of the shell or decorate it how you want.

3. Glue a loop of the thin ribbon or cord on the top to hang it with . Cover base of ribbon hang with with rosebud , pearl , or a bow.

A simple recipe, an easy meal!

All it takes is to get yourself down to Sanibel, and this Christmas it also should be easier than ever.

Lovely condos are available that normally are booked at this time of year. Airlines are offering good deals, car rentals are below normal in rates. And seashells? Well the shells are already there waiting for you and free for the taking!

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